African Mask : The African masks, ceremonial or decorative, come from different villages in sub-Saharan Africa. Each mask is a sign of a long tradition specific to each ethnic group.

An African tribal mask is usually much more than a decorative object. It represents a spiritual life, is a sacred object worn at different times of life.

Here you find ethnic masks of Ashanti, Baule, Bobo, Bulu, Bwaba, Dan, Dogon, Guro Gourounsi, Grebo, Mossi, Punu, Senufo, Songye, Toussian.

They are authentic and, for most of them, have been worn.

Dan Racing Mask with long vegetal fibers at the chin
149,90 €
Bulu ethnic mask of Cameroon
89,00 €
Funerary Mossi, Moagha ethnic Helmet Mask "Parrot"
144,95 €
Gourounsi Plate Ethnic Mask
104,95 €
Small ethnic Dan mask "Passport"
19,90 €
Grebo mask from Ivory Coast
259,00 €
Tribal Mask Baule of Ivory Coast
54,95 €
Gourounsi Ethnic Mask "Antelope"
44,95 €
Dan Racing Mask with cooler nail in forehead
139,90 €
Guro Mask carrying a chair of Ivory Coast
64,95 €
long Ghana's Ashanti, Asante ethnic mask
34,95 €
Ghana's Ashanti, Asante ethnic mask
34,95 €