African Statue: African Sculpture of wood and bronze.

Here you will find traditional bronzes of different ethnic groups in sub-Saharan Africa and contemporary bronze statuettes of the Burkinabe artist HAMIDOU,

african wooden statues from African villages of different ethnicities, patinated by time, unique and fascinating by their sanctity and their past life as an object of ritual and ceremony. They reflect an ancient tradition of the primitive African art.

African bronze statuette "Ostrich Leaf"
134,50 €
Baule statues couple "Assyé Usu" of Ivory Coast
199,00 €
African Senufo statue of fertility
49,50 €
Senoufo statue from Ivory Coast
91,00 €
African bronze statuette "Woman rust Leaf"
59,00 €
African bronze statuette "The education"
79,50 €
African bronze statuette "Mother & child"
39,90 €
tribal Lobi, Lobiya statue "Little boy"
134,50 €
African bronze Statuette " Twin woman leaf"
34,50 €
Small Senoufo wooden statue with gecko
45,50 €
Mossi, moagha's Statue of maternity
114,95 €
Baule Statuette of maternity in Ivory Coast
209,00 €