Beauty Accessories, African Handcrafted Jewelry: ethnic handcrafted necklace, matching bracelet, ebony hand carved. hair barrettes, Plastic African braids wire.

These African jewels are made with natural and noble materials by craftsmen jeweler of Burkina Faso.

These works are unique and original. 

Necklace of Leather and carved warthog teeth
72,72 €
hand-carved Black ebony Barrette
9,90 €
Ethnic neklace of pearls and copal amber
31,92 €
Ethnic Multicolor Necklace
39,92 €
Ethnic necklace "seven Agates"
31,92 €
Necklace of Koffi pearls and glass paste
14,90 €
Large Ethnic Mossi necklace of cowries "Starfish"
55,92 €
Large Ethnic Mossi necklace of cowries
55,92 €
Necklace of cowries and braided raffia
48,93 €
Ethnic Necklace of Multicolored Beads
49,90 €
blue leather ethnic necklace of pearls
48,93 €
Ethnic necklace of fine leather cords and warthog tooth
47,92 €