Usual Objects

African Everyday Objects: spoons, ladles, “mouse oracle”, catapult, and carved wooden comb.

These objects from remote villages of Burkina Faso were handly made and used as utensils of everyday life. They are, for some, real works of art.

Ethnic Ashanti, Asante comb of Ghana
79,90 €
Baoule wooden carved spoon of Ivory Coast
69,90 €
Ethnic Baoule carved spoon from Ivory Coast
69,90 €
Baoule ethnic spoon of carved wood of Ivory Coast
34,95 €
Couple of Mossi, Moagha slingshot, of Burkina Faso
39,00 €
Mossi, Moagha ethnic slingshot of Burkina Faso
9,95 €
Mossi ethnic dense wooden slingshot of Burkina Faso
9,95 €