tribal Lobi, Lobiya statue "Little boy"

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Reference : Stat 019

Weight : 1.920 Kgs.
Origin Country : Burkina Faso.
Raw material : Bois dense.
Width : 15cm.
Height : 52cm.
Ethnic Group : Lobi.
Color : Couleur bois.

Small Lobi ethnic wooden statue of Burkina Faso.

This statue represents a boy who wears a Lobi helmet on his head.


Lobi, whose name means in Lobori (Lobi language) "Children of the Forest", would come from Ghana after crossing the river Mouhoun which is also sacred for these people.

Lobi speak about statuettes under term "bouthiba",  the "cures (thi) who whisper obscure words" (bour).

The statues are "children of thil". They are lived and sacred beings, that communicate and die. Far from being vulgar representations,

The statuettes are intermediaries between the earthly world and beyond.


Receptacles of the forces of nature, the Lobi statuettes are intimately related to the religious world of that ethnic group.


The Lobi are an ethnic group living in south-western Burkina Faso, and recognized to be talentuous archers. They are mainly farmers, and occasional bow hunters.



Our comments on the general condition of this piece:


A statuette pockmarked appearance caused by a possible prolonged abandonment in nature.

Small crack of wood on the left foot of the statue.

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