This site showcases Sub-Saharan Africa artifacts to the world. Its mission is to contribute to the promotion of young talented Burkinabe craftsmen living exclusively from their art and their work.

Included in the gallery are crafts that are purely for aesthetics from other African countries, bearing fruits of fraternity and exchange between artists from diverse backgrounds. 
African Art, which could be described as a meeting of the artistic creativity and mystic ancestral knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation is explored in the show cases.


The goal of this gallery is to help the craftsmen who make outstanding efforts to survive in an unfavorable economic environment live in dignity from the proceeds of their craftsmanship and continue to enrich culture with knowledge from way back when. 

Our future goals aim at developing activities that will contribute to the development of crafts produced by handicapped craftsmen so as to reduce their dependence and promote diversity in this industry.  We intend to establish fair trade with Association of women with disabilities based in Burkina Faso, who make dolls, fabrics and other handicrafts. 


We intend to participate in initiatives already taken at national and international commitment to the social and professional integration of these disabled women ignored because of their disability even if our efforts seem negligible.