Senufo ethnic mask of Burkina Faso

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Weight : 0.450 Kg.
Origin Country : Burkina Faso.
Raw material : Wood and pigments.
Width : 17cm.
Height : 35cm.
Ethnic Group : Senoufo.
Color : Red, black and white pigments.

Senufo colored Mask of Wood and pigments, wearing a hornbill on his head of Burkina Faso.

In cosmology the Senufo hornbill, a kind of toucan of forest, is one of five (05) animals contained in the myth of the creation of the world

The masks of this style are usually made in tribute to their goddess mother. Indeed, the Senufos believe in a god almighty Kulo tyolo and a goddess mother Katiélo.

The Senufo ethnic group is shared between Mali, Burkina Faso and Icory Coast. And despite the well-known cultural and dialect differences faced by the ethnic group, a unit remains within the group through the rituals of the Poro society...

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